Urban Truck Type: Mobile Restaurants

Mobile food trucks are visible throughout los angeles catering the walk by clienetele. Following their own itinerary and routine, they trace a path through the city fulfilling a need for quick inexpensive food. Setting up in factory drives, parking lots, empty lots and city streets, the restaurants transform empty spaces of the city into meeting places.

The mobile food van has an advantage over the traditional restuarant, in its ability to tap into particular markets during the course of a day, where a restuarant might not be viable in particular locations. A typical van might begin its day in front of a factory serving breakfast or early snack, move on to a day labor site for lunch and outside a school for after school snacks, and cater to commuters at a bus transfer station for the diner. Each restaurant seeks its own niche market in the city, its mobility allowing it to adapt to the schedule of its consumers.


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