The town of Bombay beach is located on the east shore of the Salton Sea at two-hundred and twenty-eight feet below sea-level. It was founded by R.E.Gilliagan on October 8, 1929 as a private development, and grew quickly with weekend visitors and retirees attracted to the desert climate and water recreation opportunities.

In January 1976, and again in 1977, tropical storms threatened the existence of Bombay Beach, as water levels rose several feet. A sump and water pump were located on the corner of 5th street and Aisle of Palms, the lowest point in town. However the Salton Sea continued to rise and as a result 536 lots south of fifth street were inundated, sinking a popular mobile home park, and permanently effecting the development of the town. Today, Bombay beach area consists of 500 single family homes, primarily mobile homes, on 704 buildable lots.

According to the 1990 census, Bombay beach has a population of 929. Its economy is based on the local commercial establishments surviving off of traffic from highway 111. The townsite supports 2 restaurants – the ski inn restaurant and tradewinds. One grocery store- the Bombay market, one boat repair business millhouse boat repair, one craft store j’pats yardage and crafts and one automotive business, precision mechanics. And one recreation vehicle park: the Bombay beach marina and RV park and one motel the B and B motel.