march 27 - 2005
his habits
had become rituals
a game played over
with unwritten rules
being pulled along
by hidden strings

los angeles, .ca
march 26 - 2005
a slow shutter
capturing the blur
of discarded ideas
two seconds too late
for the image you wanted
another close call

los angeles, .ca
march 21 - 2005
quiet neighborhood
dogs barking
kids yelling
chocolate cupcakes
in need of a tylenol
and nap

santa monica, .ca
march 19 - 2005
gas station lighting
blurs dark skies
in a crowded city
trying to motivate
these ideas into actions
from an empty room

los angeles, .ca
march 10- 2005
none of this means anything
just words
and a picture
of a burned down house
with an empty swimming pool
left behind

san bernardino, .ca
march 08- 2005
a routine
of feigned empathy
looking for something
finding ambivalence
on interstate 10
on marathon sunday

san bernardino, .ca
march 07- 2005
driving america
like jb hunt
following parrallel lines
into the horizon
a sudden repreive
from grey skies

san bernardino, .ca

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