Tustin East-West Airship Hangar

Built in less than 1 year in 1942, the two airship hangars in Tustin are each over 1000 feet long, 120' tall and 300' wide and claim to be the largest wood structures in the world. During WWII these hangars were used to house up to six helium airships each, for patrolling the coast of california. They sit perpindicular to eachother, allowing at least one to launch depending on wind conditions. The major construction materials include bolted arched wood trusses, corrugated metal siding and reinforced concrete door supports andbase wall foundations.

After WWII the airship program was disbanded and the hangars were used for helicopter maintenance and storage until the marine base closed in the 1990's. Currently the hangars are unoccupied, and the land is set to be transfered from the navy to the city of Orange. The city has preliminary plans to demoliton the north-south hangar for an extension of a road through the base.