march 23-2004
traffic loops embeded at interchanges
counting the density
calculating the speed
turning the lights green
for everyone but him

los angeles, ca
march 16-2004
corridors cutting through
working class towns
parallel the freeway
behind concrete sound barriers and
echoing engine brakes

los angeles, ca
march 10-2004
the run down faces
struggled past the bandstand
at mile 18 and headed uphill
for 8 more miles
of self punishment

los angeles, ca
march 02-2004
cities built for trains and semitrucks
few signs and strange looks
driving down chainlinked alleys
with no outlet and l6 lanes
still looking for the water

long beach, ca

Polar Inertia
photo log and journal

march 2004

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©polar inertia
/kane 2004


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