The art of Michael Heizer and Robert Smithson seeks to challenge the conventions of the art world by exposing art to a larger scale than a traditional art institution can grasp. Their land artwork held the importance of the landscape, and sought inspiration from industrial scale of civil engineering projects. Heizer and Smithson were frequent travelers throughout the southwest and their inspirations can be seen in the industrial lanscapes of the region. Their projects sought to take some of these industrial scale projects and remove them from the context of functionality, allowing the art to purely express the powerful connection between the forces of nature on the man made object. These photographs seek to document some of the industrial forms that may have been a source used by heizer and smithson in forming their artwork. These sources, now mostly abandoned, can themselves be seen as artworks. .


michael heizer
complex 1
      ammunition bunker, wendover utah
michael heizer.
circular surface planar displacement drawing 1970
      water basin. niland, ca

michael heizer
45,90,180 extraction

      flood retention basin, las vegas nevada
michael heizer
displaced/replaced mass.
      bomb loading pit, wendover utah
robert smithson
amarillo ramp
      machine gun shooting range, wendover utah

robert smithson
nonsite "line of wreckage"

      lakeshore blocks. lakeside, utah