may 28-2003
incoherent thoughts
spoken into a receiver
deciphered by scientists
fed back as popular culture
silurian lake, ca
may 26-2003
a 100 degree furnace heat in may, driving
randomly without a map
only a couple hours from vegas
the wheel turns and he heads south for
the strip.
zambrisky point, death valley ca.
may 25-2003
trapped in a geological time, eclipsed only
by the immediate need for ice.
millions of years for wind to cut stone, his
few years and unfullfilled goals
receive much needed perspective
may 21-2003
sitting with salty
crackers and ginger ale
misunderstanding the feelings
of others
los angeles, ca
may 21-2003
technology provides amplifiers of perception
los angeles, ca
may 20-2003
standby lists traded like stocks
jumping counters for the best time
delayed and overbooked
may 20-2003
manipulation at a distance. infrastructure
planning tools reduced to a series of
repeatable functions, on a computer
in a darkened hotel conference room.
indianapolis, indiana
may 10-2003
the body's chemical forces pushed the
mind toward instinctual and emotional
reactions, which he struggled
to control and ignore
tonopah, nevada
may 05-2003
traveling alone driving into the desert
treating the world like
an abstract metaphor
bonneville salt flats, utah

Polar Inertia
photo log and journal

may 2003

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