septembe 29- 2004
floating cities
riding the horizon
content in their loneliness
devoid of feelings
abandoning the shore
for a better life

santa barbara, ca
septembe 27- 2004
abstract boxes
rising like toys
distorting pereceptions of scale
made beautiful
by the lack of cars
and a brutal effeciency

century city, ca
septembe 21- 2004
atrium spaces
cut through corporate hotels
plates beneath plastic tops
and white table cloth
a isolated environment
content in its own makings

irvine, ca
september 19- 2004
prefabricated concrete
filled the lot
dissappering from view
framing the sky and the horizon
alerting suspicion
and a security jeep

palmdale, ca
september 06- 2004
his refrigerator
was filled with
tiger beer and pepsi
his suitcase was stuffed with shirts
he didnt want to take the train
to the airport

september 03- 2004
cranes towering
over concrete hulks
abandoning all reason
and building for the sky
money has lost its meaning
people are filling the voids

penang, malaysia

Polar Inertia
photo log and journal

september 2004

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©polar inertia
/kane 2004

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