armed with a laptop computer and increasingly aging winnebago, our editor-in-chief marcel e. yarnow has brought together artists and writers who can tell the story which has been ignored by all others. it is the story of the highway, mobile home, fast food chain, suburbanite, truck stop and industrialized landscape, which characterize our growing nomadic culture. polar inertia is interested in your feedback, and contributions are encouraged, we accept short stories, photography, and essays dealing with personal experiences from all edges of nomadic and popular culture.

origina manifesto, faxed from the editor:

Polar Inertia journal is an outlet and a resource for on going research into the networks that define the contemporary city. The journal began with the idea that an understanding of the conditions of post war urbanism requires immersion into the technologies and instruments that have molded the growth and image of the city. Using Los Angeles as a primary research laboratory, Polar inertia works under the belief that by exploring and documenting the infrastructure and land use patterns we can begin to understand the contemporary and future city. The research in the journal provides a basis from which to explore the potential for alternative proposals for urban development informed from the daily realities of the city.





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