We got lost in Sarajevo

Sarajevo is uncatchable. It has a strong, silent hurt and proud soul.
Arriving, you find yourself waiting for something painful, something that doesn’t go away even with time. Because time is also the remembrance.And the remembrance is history. Sarajevo’s story is the war, a war known throught images and narrations, someone elese’s narrations. And so you go, you arrive, you wait for something that tells you about pain, fear, unhuman, war. But the city is a surprise, a place that has tryed to born again, to become something else, to tell something else from it self. In her silences, in the tram’s way that crosses the city, in the sound of peoples’ walking, from all of this, and more, moves sarajevo’s force.

In our story of Sarajevo, the images placed next to each other became sequences, recomposed rembrance of a new world, where lives a young girl that thinks about the future.

Marilisa Cosello & Alessandro Stellari