Berlin Imbiss

Congregating on the loose edges of the Berlin’s urban fabric are the imbiss kiosks - a mobile or semi-permanent food stand (Imbiss meaning snack or light meal). These stands are located primarily near areas of heavy foot traffic such as outside subway stations, construction sites, tourist spots, or plazas. The imbiss operates without the heavy investment of a commercial storefront, and are therefore more flexible and can relocate easily, making them very competitive to restaurants, and especially attractive to those looking for a meal on the run. The location of an Imbiss is a marking of a territory or a indication of an active urban space. The mobile imbiss has traditionally operated on the edge of legality, and as the Berlin city begins tightening its regulations after many decades of hands off governance, imbiss kiosks are slowly being restricted from areas, in favor of a more controllable storefront business.

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