Reykjavik Iceland

The murals and graffiti that adorn the walls of Reykjavik are for the most part quirky and cartoonish. Iceland’s capital is extremely modernized with a first-rate welfare system and infrastructure. Icelanders are very protective of their culture and are skeptical of outside influences. For this reason generation Y is the first to grow up watching TV. The city is full of young urban bohemians who are proud of their artistic legacy, whether it is their architecture, Björk, the Sagas, or Reykjavik 101.

Icelanders are not only creative but also superstitious and many believe in gnomes, trolls, and hidden people. The art splashed around town is playful and reminiscent of their particular cultural psyche. Spontaneous street creations are usually left intact by the government. During last year’s Cultural Day, which celebrates just that, young artists embellished various walls as a reminder that street art is a modern form of expression to be acknowledged along side the Skaldic poetry of the Vikings.