Atlantik Wall

Atlantik wall - this strategic line of coastal fortifications was constructed by the Germans during WWII to defend against allied attacks. By the time the allied forces broke that line during D-day it stretched out along the atlantic coastline from the high nord of Norway till the spanish border south. Today still a lot of those bunkers and batteries are untouched or maybe just sealed at the most. This set of pictures was taken during the spring of 2007 between the belgian border and the coast of Normandy where it all happened on the 6th of June 1944.
Where some of the places were touristic beehives, others were pure, untouched and rightfully in a phase of natural destruction. A magical process and being there, alone, gives one a very surreal feeling. it is indeed a very weird experience strolling around alone insuch places, knowing what happened. The absurdity of war suddenly becomes crystal clear when your standing on top of the steep cliffs at Pointe de Hoc or Omaha beach.

christophe abrassart

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