karaoke bar

Karaoke has replaced many forms of live entertainment. Crooners, rock n¹roll bands, and the jukebox used to perform where the karaoke singer stands. A karaoke singer selects a song from the karaoke machine, whose database holds 1,000¹s of pre-recorded pop songs. The music machine accompanies the singer, who provides the song¹s lead vocal. If a singer forgets the lyrics, she can follow the words because they are provided on a video monitor near the stage. Often, karaoke singers are both performers and audience members who take turns singing for one another. The karaoke bar is a place where people meet to sing and to have a good time.

These pictures were made in karaoke bars around Southern California. Each picture¹s exposure lasted the length of the karaoke performance, between 2 and 4 minutes, the duration of the pop song.