june 28-2003
escaping the grey fog
searching for horizontal lines
out past the distribution centers
and master planned developments
palm springs, ca
june 26-2003
the scanning radio
never stops
it keeps searching for a station
replaced by a calexico cd.
the windows roll down
so only faint trumpet can be
heard over the blowing wind.
bombay beach, ca
june 25-2003
the roads push futher out
connecting even the most
remote regions with high speed
roadways and 16 lane
gas stations blurring
the boundaries of the city
salton sea, ca
june 24-2003
following the lines
of old movie scripts
replayed on the windshield
dissappearing into the horizon
cabazon, ca
june 21-2003
driven by unreasonable forces
no longer thinking clearly
or rationally
as the adrenaline fades
reality returns
west los angeles, ca
june 19-2003
he was sleeping less,
awaking hours before
the alarm clock sounded
but for no particular reason
which made him wish
he had somewhere to go
pasadena, ca
june 18-2003
walking on figueroa street
staring into dark shop windows
baking under hot sun
missing the cold beer
from the night before
highland park, ca
june 17-2003
union organizers and
teamsters officials
meet over drinks and talk
strategy about the next campaign
to organize the laundry factory
before the flight back to phoenix
los angeles, ca
june 15-2003
he was obsessed with freeways
driving them all night in his rv
stopping only for gas
and another coke.
los angeles, ca
june 14-2003
he kept repeating himself to
others. the alcohol was having
an effect on his short term memory.
he was lost in his own head
los angeles, ca
june 11-2003
forced to ignore
the parallel lives of others
driving into the basin
with a half tank of gas
santa monica, ca
june 10-2003
urban car camping
and beach front living
hampton ave
venice, ca
june 9-2003
driving for hours
wtihout leaving LA
seeing multiple cites
in the suburbs i'd missed
baldwin park, ca
june 8-2003
fluff and fold
99 cents per pound
venice, ca
june 6-2003
speed connects the city
shrinks its borders
collapses upon itself
so there is no longer a need to leave
los angeles, ca
june 5-2003
nomadic food
comes to you
club sandwich on wheat
coke and chips
los angeles, ca
june 4-2003
drawn to the natural edge
of the city
and hot dog on a stick
santa monica, ca
june 3-2003
billboards as urban manifestos
dominated by linear banding
and strip mall infrastructure
crossing town,
a voluntary prisoner
in search of gas
los angeles, ca
june 2-2003
night driving
windows down
iced coke and distant radio
trying to keep his eyes open
baker, ca
june 1-2003
his opinion fluctuated daily
along with the chemicals in his brain
extracting lost signals out of thin air
santa monica, ca

Polar Inertia
photo log and journal

june 2003

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