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Los Angeles Car Washes: The automatic car wash has developed as a distinct urban building typology of the automotive age. It is a modern building type divided along programmatic functions. The most prominent feature is its linear form consisting of a system of equal bays, which contains the wash equipment and a conveyor belt for pulling cars through the automatic wash, dry and buff cycles, emerging at the other end. Parallel to the automotive transport is an interior pedestrian corridor with a glass wall allowing the owner to watch as their car is pulled through the wash. Other elements include a cashier at the end of the main corridor with a convenient store for the customers to purchase food and magazines while waiting for their cars. Also included is usually a outdoor patio for sitting and waiting for the attendants who towel dry the car in the parking lot and who wave as a signal it is ready. The whole car washing process is ritualized and nearly identical at automated car washes throughout Los Angeles, it is a system developed over decades and refined to its current form.