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Located near Victorville CA. is George Air Force base which was home to a over 5000 workers and a tactical figher wing before being decommissioned from service in 1992. The pull out left hundreds of buildings behind, with no tenants. What remains give a glimpse into the urban model used by the military in creating bases as self contained enclaves complete with residential, recreation, commercial and office zones, a virtual city in the desert. Many of the buildings, including the residential areas contain hazardous asbestos, which has made reuse difficult, and so have been left to decay.

Today the city of victorville is developing the runway facilities as the southern california logistics airport for use by ups and other transport companies, and some of the fields are used for storage of mothballed civilian airplanes. Longterm plans of the airport include a new intermodal rail transport junction to the east of the base to allow for easy connection of air cargo to the rail and ground networks.