airplane embarkation staircases

Its has become a rare occurrence in the united states for a traveler to encounter embarkation stairs. When they are encountered at smaller airports they evoke a somewhat archaic feel and perhaps conger up an image of the Pope exiting to a expectant crowd before kneeling to kiss the ground. But the embarkation stair is still very common devise used at airports throughout the world. In contrast to the isolating and artificially conditioned world that the airport and airplane seamlessly protect, when exiting directly on the tarmac you are immediately pushed into the realities of the world: the humid air, the smell and sounds of jet engines, the glare of the sun. You have undoubtedly arrived somewhere very different and are in the midst of uniquely man made landscape. This photographic series documents those first moments of arrival, the steps onto the uncomfortably steep risers leading to a new place.

mark cremer