Skatepark Graffiti

The theme deals with anti social angst of teens around the world who congregate at public skateboard parks and pools/ditches to graffiti rather than ride the public amenities and concrete obstacles provided by their respective cities and peers. The Graffiti is pretty diverse and often reflective of the kids' backgrounds. It is often humorous, mindless, profound, malicious and sometimes racist unfortunately.

Public Skateparks, as opposed to city owned pay-as-you-ride parks are normally built in poor underdeveloped areas due to land cost, which in return attract a crowd reflective of the area in which they are built. No matter where you go in the world, there is almost always the same style of Graffiti and token announcements spray painted at parks that have become universal in the sub cultural outlets of Skateboarding and BMX. Although the Skatepark is a physical outlet for letting out teen aggression through the physical acts of BMX and Skateboarding, the skatepark will always attract kids who would rather 'spray it' than 'say it'. The Skate spot has become an artistic canvas for spray can artists as well as for skaters and bikers.

Sandy Carson