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“the airport today has become the new city…People are no longer citizens, they’re passengers in transit. They’re in circum-navigation. When we know that every day there are over one hundred thousand people in the air, we can consider it a foreshadowing of future society: no longer a society of sedentarization, but one of passage; no longer a nomad society, in the sense of great nomadic drifts, but one concentrated in the vector of transportation.” paul virilio


The indistinquishable design of modern international airports, each resembling something between a shopping mall and corporate hotel, blurs the distinctiion between arrival in Los Angeles, London, New York or Singapore. Today all international airports provide what is now deemed the necessary services for travel inclduding: hotels,conference center, restaurants, coffee shop, shopping center, massage studio, bookstores, post office, banks, nursery, internet hubs, and, movie theaters. The airport is now a city onto itself, often located on the rural outskirts of the actual physical city, making the stopover in Tokyo much less interesting then you would expect. This photo essay documents the layover at LAX, NAA, and SIN, exploring the infrastructure now connecting the worlds cities.