july 27-2003
one of those days
when sweat burns your eyes
and the t-shirt sticks to your back
and you wonder where to go
from here

los angeles, ca
july 22-2003
powerlines extend through the city
connecting to substations
and high tension towers
tracing out past the industrial suburbs
to the natural gas plant
on the southern border

venice, ca
july 18-2003
the breakfast special
started at 4am
but he couldnt wait
for the clock to dictate
when too eat
so he ordered a coffee

santa monica, ca
july 15-2003
exhaustion from the road
was taking its toll
sore legs and burning eyes
but he knew he was close
he could smell it in the air
the breath of the pacific ocean

palm springs, ca
july 13-2003
movement became
a way of life
always leaving
before things became tired
but he was running out of
reasons to leave
so he tried to think of some

santa monica, ca
july 12-2003
he re-lived the scenerios
in his mind, weighing
the consequences of action
vs the comfort of doing nothing
he went for a big gulp instead
venice, ca
july 10-2003
leaving the border station
windows down
driving in circles
slowly moving
in the wrong direction
mexicali, bc mexico
july 08-2003
randomly scanning the radio
for words he could understatnd
but it turned out better
to make up his own words
to the sounds of mariachi
santa monica, ca
july 07-2003
scattered cassette tapes
and packages of melting gum
fill a glove compartment
where an insurance and
registration card
should be
imperial valley, ca
july 06-2003
driving past blue plastic flags
blowing in the dry hot winds
moving toward the arbitrary line on the map
where all roads end
replaced by a steel fence
guarded by white jeeps
mexicali, bc mexico
july 04-2003
a '47 dodge flat bed truck
rolls the honorees
down rural roads
past lawn chairs,
curious cattle,and rolling hills,
keeps going past the fairgrounds,
bbq stand, softball game
to the edge of town
to the freeway
they're not coming back
los angeles, ca
july 01-2003
ordering food
from a silver truck
on lincoln blvd
leaning against chain link
eating from a paper plate
all in the name of research
venice, ca

Polar Inertia
photo log and journal

july 2003

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