Wedge: Injustice—a “muddlecrass” man muddles upon a ship in a puddle of sludge, for where there’s muck there’s metal. (Finnegans Wake, p 152.8) He is a stowaway on a ship that is herself already a castaway. With his sledge he’ll hammer to chip away a mere few rusting bolts each day. In jest, the ship will taunt him and swallow his strength. Meekly from the mire, the wasted man returns with just a few prised pieces of corroding metal for his effort at day’s end. Year after year, the decayed pursues the decayed. But in unmaritime Aralsk, stolen steel is iron earned while demolition is rationed to most irrational means. Futility puddles by powers of “mudapplication:” the weaker an effort expended, the greater his employment expanded. (Finnegans Wake, p 26.36) In self-dismemberment, proceed slowly, for maiming yourself by mining yourself is an economy with few resources other than your own body for both mineral and labor.

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