august 21-2003
the freeway ends 1 mile
and starts again
weaving north
his inability to make decisions
was compounded by a full
tank and not enough time

malibu, ca
august 16-2003
he read about the world
from a stack of newspapers
on the floor of 7-11
searching the headlines
and the tabloid covers
he felt even more out of touch
then usual

marina del rey, ca
august 15-2003
living in the vacuum
of daily ritual
following the routine
sharpening the pencil
trying to see beyond
the dashboard haze

los angeles, ca
august 12-2003
floating above the city
untied to the urban grid
overlooking the life below
content in its aloofness
he was drawn here despite the art
to sit in the blinding light
and view the horizon

los angeles, ca
august 9 -2003
standing anonymous in a crowd
looking into the blank faces
of strangers
hearing cell phone conversations
reverberate in his ear
endless words with no meaning

los angeles, ca
august 7 -2003
following the freeways
east west across town
watching the rooftops
and billboards
for a sense of the city
while traffic sits

los angeles, ca
august 5 -2003
she was always looking up
as if waiting for something to appear
besides police helicopters and jet contrails
she watched the tops of buildings
for a glimpse of a blue sky
through the white haze

los angeles, ca
august 3 -2003
he kept running
the conversation back in his head
looking for lost meanings
or something he should have said
until the light turned green
and the drivers got hostile

los angeles, ca

Polar Inertia
photo log and journal

august 2003

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