oct 25-2003
lines of cars
heading west
out of the path
of an on coming fire
and into the sun

los angeles, ca
oct 22-2003
concrete strips
designed by engineers
reforming landscapes
creating artificial worlds
hundreds of miles long

los angeles, ca
oct 20-2003
listening for the radio
with the windows down
only hearing the
the faint sounds
at stop lights and
slow turns.

ojai, ca
oct 14-2003
seeing the city in reverse
traffic is always better
going the opposite direction

los angeles, ca
oct 14-2003
the city grows and dissolves
disappears into the sky
camoflaged by blue tarps
hiding the last remanants
of an idea gone bad

los angeles, ca
oct 12-2003
8's go east 5's go north
merging nexus
back and forth
fly by night to riverside
out of state plates
running a little late

110 freeway,LA ,ca
oct 08-2003
bringing technology
to the dry lakes
soaking up the sun
reflected off metal plates
piping it back to LA

harper dry lake,ca
oct 05-2003
sitting on square benches
watching the food conveyor
stacking the colored plates
waiting for the right moment
to snatch the sushi
before it passes

los angeles,ca
oct 04-2003
climbing the stairs
of unfinished buildings
looking for the best view
sitting in seats meant for others

los angeles,ca
oct 03-2003
the city thins at its edges
leaving traces across the desert
of its telephone, electrical and
transportation infrastructure
visible through the windshield's glare

needles, ca

Polar Inertia
photo log and journal

october 2003

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