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The Talya-Sason-Report on the ‘unauthorized outposts’ from Spring 2005, commissioned by the Prime Minister bureau gives exact definitions about the legal background for establishing a legal settlement and defines unauthorized, therefore illegal settlements. (3) According to the report, not a single governmental resolution was given out to the establishment of a new settlement or its expansion with a new neighborhood since the 90’s.

Hill 468 is an ‘illegal outpost’ located 700m west of Nofei Prat. According to the Defense Ministry, the outpost was evacuated in July 2002, yet it still exists. Nofei Prat is about 1 km from Kefar Adummim and was established in 1992, which has now 150 families and is officially a neighborhood of Kefar Adummim. The outpost ‘Hill 468’ consists of two old and two new portable housing units together with a look-out tower and a water tank, located on top of hill. Only one road leads into the settlements. The typical exposed hilltop location with its scarce vegetation questions the structural stability of portable houses since they lack adequate protection against strong wind forces. Furthermore, this elevated position opens the possibility of observing the surrounding landscape and being visible at the same time.

Security measures are part of the visual qualities of the settlements which have elevated look-outs, electrical masts demarking settlement limits, watch-dogs in the outer limits and within, observable roads, touring security personal, electronic gates and huts for guards or barriers. These are set back in larger settlements such as in Kefar Adummim but very clear in Hill 468 and Mitzpeh Danny.