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Mitzpeh Danny shows examples of double or enlarged standard mobile housing units (one enlarged housing unit, synagogue) with cylindrical concrete columns as foundations. The synagogue is the only building with a fence and a grass area. The old, brown, portable housing units have unused doors on their short side, and a main door on the long side with an articulated entrance situation (stairs, vestibule, flowers and planting areas). The hill top is apparently flattened so the mountain ridge is not a thin line but a wider surface. This eases the placing of a first ring of housing units.

The ‘porch area’ is formed by gardens, growing flowers, shrubs, young trees, and is surrounded by fences of strong and thick tree branches. The constructions appear to be ad-hoc structures built out of leftover, found, scavenged or gathered materials. These attempts to define private ‘outside’ area seem to be not regulated or organized since every individual has a personal material articulation.