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The portable housing units are standardized in proportions and size (rectangle/ one storey units being app. 4,25m in wide, 11m in length, 2,80m in height). The structure is basically a steel frame construction on a steel chassis. The walls have 4-6cm thick insulation between grey colored concrete, light-colored sheet boards (not existent or pvc finishes). The roof has an aluminum roof cladding. The openings of the basic caravan module are only on the long sides, having casement windows with sliding glazing. The distances between the housing units are minimal 3m to up to 8m, leaving always space for gardening, storage of various material or parking. The units’ entrances are mostly not visible while entering the settlements; they are on their other, long sides located in the center of the housing units faced towards the hilltop. The side with the most windows is oriented towards the valleys, overseeing the area.

Often, the portable housing units have been modified. These constructive alterations and attachments are basic and with little detailing, revealing an appearance of ad-hoc, non-professional and low-cost activities. Sometimes found tree branches or leftover building material serve for these modifications. Attachments can be in form of manufactured huts or as a constructive scaffold ‘leaning on’ the caravans themselves. Clotheslines to dry clothes, garden fences, dog houses, flag poles, technical devices or terraces are attached to the mobile houses. Other, larger constructions are entrance canopies, solar collector construction or entrance vestibules. Several housing units have additional shipping containers or huts which are adjusted to the color of the caravans.