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The Sason-Report does not deepen the status of so-called ‘neighborhoods’ in the West Bank, yet acknowledges them as being similar to unauthorized outposts. Neighborhoods are ‘expansions’ or new settlements in the proximity and within the jurisdiction of existing settlements. The neighborhoods were to absorb the ‘natural growth of the local population’ defined during the Oslo Process after 1992. Yet, since the greater Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley were exempt and the ‘natural growth’ was not clearly defined, settlements in the West Bank continued to expand, the settler population between 1992 and 2001 doubled.

Mitzpeh Danny is a community of approximately 22 young couples and their children. The Central Bus Station in Jerusalem provides bus rides directly over Maale Michmash to other settlements. Mitzpeh Danny has its 30 caravans with one settlement entrance guarded by a permanent security person sitting in a little hut and barrier. Familial and communal life is restricted to spatial, economic, socio-cultural separation, the influence of the harsh environment onto their lives in ‘caravans’ and the immensely visible security measures, although children can play and enjoy the open space. The open space so essential and important at these places is the perfect feature for outside activities of children or adultery, when the weather conditions allows. While in Hill 468 the caravans lend themselves only for inhabitation, they find a few more in Mitzpe Danny, providing inhabitation, ceramic studio, and a spiritual community place (synagogue).

Similar to Hill 468, Mitzpeh Danny began as an outpost in 1995 in memory of a murdered settler from the nearby Ma’ale Michmash. (Maale Mikhmash was founded in 1981 and counted 980 people in December 2003.) Supported by the residents of Ma’ale Michmash, this outpost developed into a ‘neighborhood’. Today there are ambitions to emancipate to an independent settlement, planning the development of Mitzpeh Danny to an exemplary, ecological settlement. (4) Mitzpeh Danny is 500 meters north-east of the settlement Ma'ale Michmash, and was officially established in 1999. To mention is that Ma’ale Michmash is established close to the Palestinian village Michmash, counting several thousand inhabitants.