nov 26-2003
trailers on steel axles
built for office space
in a factory in riverside
pulled by trucks and lifted on jacks
self contained living

barstow, ca
nov 20-2003
under the seat were maps
from every state except
the one he was driving through
a pocket atlas marked the interstates
built before 1982

san bernadino, ca
nov 17-2003
looking for birddog's album
in the assorted stacks
trying to remember the names
of cds you once owned and lost
an empty intenerary
stretched to fill the day

los angeles, ca
nov 15-2003
cold blank faces
stare up at empty billboards
and mirrored glass
along sunset blvd
the walking wounded are on your tail
and for no good reason

los angeles, ca
nov 12-2003
neptunes net
boiled shrimp and corn cobs
bikers and wind surfers
waiting for the smoke to clear
before driving back over the hill

malibu, ca
nov 11-2003
electric line road
marks the best route in
to the dry lake
past burned out mobile homes
and range cattle fencing
fighting the daylight savings sun

hinkley, ca
nov 02-2003
driving on western ave
without a destination
until the ice melted
from the big gulp
and things got serious

los angeles, ca

Polar Inertia
photo log and journal

november 2003

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