dec 15-2003
the state roads meet
at some arbitrary location
between military posts and
indian reservations
the night comes early
and you forgot what
you were looking for

ajo, az
dec 11-2003
driving above the city
looking down venice blvd
an impartial observer
of other's moods
hidden behind windshields

los angeles, ca
dec 06-2003
the town faded
away from the offramp
driving down deadend streets
without gas stations
only dancing clubs and motels

quartzsite, az
dec 3 -2003
looking out side windows
lost in the radio
trying to keep the wheels
between the white stripes
the road always turns
when your not looking

fontana, ca
dec 01-2003
the mountain pass
dividing city from desert
gets lower with each drive
a train of cars 85 miles long
looking for gas under the dinosaurs

cabazon, ca

Polar Inertia
photo log and journal

december 2003

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