jan 31 -2004
corridors through the city
fenced over and
boarded storefronts
space available
now leasing

los angeles, ca
jan 27 -2004
traces of charles manson's cult
were scattered in the hills
their abandoned trailers adding to
the debris of the closed down mines

death valley, ca
jan 24 -2004
he talked to the grocery clerk
as if he knew her
he said he'd seen her last weekend
down by the lodge with a guy
drove right past her
no she said, it wasnt her

trona, ca
jan 19 -2004
he calculated the faa speed limits
over coffee and onion rings
before driving out from his hotel
to film a cadillac commercial
and fly back home tonight
on the redeye

death valley, ca
jan 18-2004
concrete pathways
holding back fourteen floods
pulling in water from the mountains
and out to the ocean

los angeles, ca
jan 14 -2004
the oil stains
flowed around his car
he wondered if
he had a leak or
was the air conditioner
just sweating again

palm springs, ca
jan 02-2004
the roads cross at 90 degrees
disorienting in their simplicity
losing track of direction
you follow the lights
and count the numbers
on door fronts

new york, ny
jan 01-2004
tunneling under rivers
rereading advertising
for hidden meanings
counting down the stops
looking into faces without
causing suspicion

new york, ny

Polar Inertia
photo log and journal

january 2004

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