editorial members:      
    marcel e. yarnow,
editor at large
a native of liberty kentucky, marcel has spent the years since his early retirement from the mines traveling the american west as a freelance art scout.    
    mac kane,
mac is a photographer and architect pursuing urban research among the strip malls and car washes of greater los angeles. contact    
  :   article contributors:      
Aaron Whelton
blank billboards. jan/feb 2007. aaron whelton is a designer and educator of architecture living in Los Angeles.

Adam Lampton
macau . mar/apr 2007. Adam is a Boston-based photographer. He is a part-time faculty member at Emerson College in Boston. In addition to exhibiting nationally, his work has been seen in publications including Art in America, Maisonneuve Magazine, and Fanzine.com. He is currently in Macau, S.A.R., China on a William J. Fulbright grant. www.adamlampton.com,

Alan Loomis
los angeles aqueduct. jan/feb 2004, mississippi river control march/april 2004. Alan Loomis is a senior urban designer at Moule & Polyzoides Architects and Urbanists in Pasadena CA. He is a board member of the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design,where he directs web-publications, and the creator/editor of www.DeliriousLA.net, a comprehensive weekly listing of architecture events in Southern California.

Alessandro Stellari , Marilisa Cosello
we got lost in sarajevo aug/sept 2007. Alessandor was born in Milan 33 years ago. He studied cinema and photography in Milan, and has has worked as a film director for over 10 years, and has made and produced many social documentaries.Now he works as a freelance photographer with many Italian and foreign magazines. Marilisa Cosello was born near Salerno 29 years ago.She graduated in Milan in Comunication Sciences and studied photography in Milan. She is a freelance photographer in MIlan, working with national and international magazines.

      AUDC : architecture urban design collaborative.
quartzsite, az
. july/aug 2003. audc is a design collective based in los angeles, ca. www.audc.org.

      Benoit Simoneau
chinese skyscrapers july/august 2005. Benoit is originally from montréal, québec. he is on a round-the-world journey, and has settled in settled in edinburgh Scotland to work and earn a little.

      Ben Damron
cycling nomad. nov/dec 2007. ben is a root of midwest ideals, whisked vigorously with west coast spirits and brewed to a slow rolling boil to a froth of worldly wonderment. blessed by the cursed, insatiable quest for answers, mr. damron find solace in all things ephemeral - knowing full well that in any specific moment, everything is permanent

      Birgit Erath
new orleans
. jan/feb 2007. Birgit Erath was born in Vienna, Austria in 1969 and has lived in New Orleans for the past 11 years. Her photographic interests include travels to off the beaten path places, peoples, and cultures, as well the conditions of human existence in industrialized nations. www.birgiterath.com

      Bert de Muynck
beijing: residual vs icon
. jan/feb 2008.Bert de Muynck is an architect, writer and director of movingcities. He lives and works in Beijing, China. His writings have been widely published in magazines like VOLUME (NL), MARK magazine (NL), Urban China (CN), DOMUSchina (CN), Commercial Real Estate in China (CN), GAM (AU), MONU (AU/NL), CITY (UK), Stadtbauwelt (GE), LOG (US), SARAI Reader (IN), Tresholds (US),... He lectured at the XXII World Congress of Architecture, UIA (Istanbul, 2005), the FUIUF conference at Fudan University (2006). Between 2005-07 he was invited as a critique to the 'Capital Cities'-research at the Berlage Institute (Rotterdam). From May-July 2007 he was, along with Ned Rossiter and Mónica Carriço, coordinator of the 'Transdisciplinary Research on Creative Industries in Beijing - Mobile Research Laboratory’ (www.orgnets.net). For more info www.movingcities.org or contact bert [at] movingcities [dot] org

      Bill Gau
war graffiti
. june/july 2007. Bill is a writer, photographer, graphic artist, code writer and avid adventurer. Born in the suburbs of Detroit, he currently resides in Arizona, where he manages a web & application development team at Arizona State University. He earned his degree in English Literature at UNCG and discovered the hard way that most Graduate programs in Architecture require a basic grasp of the fundamental principles of Mathematics. He is continually exploring the invisible nature & inherent anonymity of utilitarianism in its urban context. http://www.billgau.com/

      Brian Ulrich
. may/june 2004. brian is a photographer based in chicago Illinois where he is pursuing a mfa from Columbia college. his work has been published in adbusters magazine, new york times magazine, and the new yorker among others. brian works at the museum of contemporary photography in chicago. following his thesis exhibition at columbia college in may 2004, he will have a solo exhibition at the Peter Miller gallery in chicago.

      Bruce Haley.
post communist industrial photographs. sept/oct 2003. oregon timber, nov/dec 2007 . bruce haley is a photographer living in rural Oregon. He is the recipient of the robert capa gold medal, one of the most prestigious photography awards in the world. haley received this honor for his 1990 coverage of burma’s bloody ethnic civil war. For more information on the portfolio or the photographer see:

      Christoper Herwig.
soviet roadside bus-stops. jan/feb 2007. Christopher Herwig is a canadian born photographer currently living in Liberia. His photograph has been showcased in exhibitions, magazines and tv in North America, Eurpoe and Asia. www.herwigphoto.com

Chacarita. mar/april 2007. caraballo-farman is a two-person team working between New York and Buenos Aires. They have been collaborating on video and photography projects for seven years. Their work has been exhibited and published internationally. www.caraballofarman.net

      Christoper Smith.
K-M-Y-U-T-R. march/april 2005. christopher smith thinks and acts with regard to process and its representation in form, information architecture, and reconciling abstract data sets within shifting value systems. He graduated with honors after receiving multiple scholarships from the Ahmanson Foundation to study graphic design at the Art Center College of Design in pasadena, cA. He has written and produced recordings for various music and performing groups including White Suits Brown Boots and the small group llc. communicationdesignoffice.com

      David Maisel
march/april 2006. david is a photogapher based in san francisco, his first monograph titled The Lake Project, was published by Nazraeli Press in 2004. www.davidmaisel.com

      Davide Salsi .
hotel emptyness  june/july 2007. Hotel Emptyness. June/July 2007. Davide has a degree in psychology. He's a self-taught photographer and musician, with an obsession with empty places where human beings are absent. He's currently based in Modena, Italy. http://ilsilenzio.photorevolt.com

      Danica Novgorodoff.
neck of the moon july/august 2005. Danica is a painter, photographer, and writer who graduated from Yale University and currently lives in New York City. www.danicanovgorodoff.com email

      Daniel Traub
city's edge. jan/feb 2007. sculptor & photographer, Daniel Traub has lived in China since 1999 where he has worked as a photographer and documentary film cameraman. As a photographer, he has been engaged with long term projects including a large format urban landscape series and a body of work entitled Simplified Characters. He has been commissioned by various publications including Wallpaper*, Telegraph Magazine and Newsweek. www.danieltraub.net

      Doug Wilson
handdryers. mar/april 2007. Douglas Wilson is a graphic designer with a serious obsession with photography, letterpress, and travel. He is currently working as an art director for a photography studio and living with his wife in Springfield, Missouri USA. To see more of his work visit www.onpaperwings.com.

      Esmoreit Koetsier
eagle mountain, ca. nov/dec 2005. sculptor & photographer, koetsier enjoys photographing abstract objects, abandoned infrastructure and many other things that most people just pass by. Inspired by his father who is also a photographer, Koetsier has been photographing for about three years now. www.ekoetsier.com email

      Elisabeth Blanchet.
prefab living. nov/dec 2006. Elisabeth works as a London-based photographer for magazines and private businesses. She is also an experienced independent editorial feature photographer and a member of the collective Luna (www.lunaphotos.com). Elisabeth's work is currently distributed through the Paris-based photo agency, Rea. www.elisabethblanchet.com

      Elizabeth Ellsworth/Jamie Kruse Smudgestudio
limit cases. aug/sept 2007. smudge studio is a collaborative art practice. Our work consists in responding to the world as always having the potential to become else. We use various media (video, photography, audio, super8, internet) to document how topographies of place, landforms, and people (including our selves) look, sound, feel and move when they are addressed as in the making. The resulting image/sensations signal what becomes sensed as possible in the world when we perform this mode of address as an art practice.

      Elijah Mirochnik
chinatown bus. march/april 2005. elijah is an assistant professor in the Initiatives in Educational Transformation Program at George Mason University, (Arlington, Virginia). He received a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, Masters degrees from Harvard and Columbia (in education and urban design, respectively) and an undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Maryland. He has exhibited his photography in galleries since 1979.

      Est Nyboer
los angeles apartments
. may/june 2004. los angeles apartments II . sept/oct 2004. los angeles apt numbers. jan/feb 2005 John is a multidisciplinary artist living in Los Angeles, CA. email:est@estnyboer.com. website

      Gary Morris
ho chi minh city scooters. may/june 2005. Gary Morris is an aspiring world traveler while being employed in apple authorized sales and web development. He has been working in some aspect of computers since 1974. The pictures on dsisplay were taken on two trips to Viet Nam during 2004.

      Gerald Panter
eating on the run
. july/aug 2006. For thirty-five years, Gerald Panter has traveled throughout the United States and Europe seeking to capture the true, uncontrived human experience. Panter’s work has appeared in magazines and newspapers, foreign and domestic, as well as being the subject of exhibitions in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and San Diego. www.gmpanter.com

      Giacomo Cosua
Giudecca aug/sept 2007. Giacomo as born in 1983 and lives in Venice and in Bologna. His photographic passion started when he was young, when he attended to a photographic laboratory. His first work was a photographic book about the Venetian's resistance, between 1939-1945. He's working as a journalist for a daily newspaper Called " La Nuova di Venezia e Mestre".

      Guiomar Contreras
border fence murals
nov/dec 2006. Guiomar is a architect based in Madrid, Spain.

      Harlan K. Erskine
10 convenient stores
july/august 2005. harlan was born in new york, ny in 1977, and currently lives in Miami where he received a B.A. in photojournalism from the university of miami. he has been taking pictures on a consistent basis since early high school with his first camera, a 35mm Yashica. www.harlanerskine.com

      Hugh Hynes
gokahama throughway. may/june 2004. hugh is a san francisco-based designer, he spends his days at nebulosi, a multi-disciplinary publishing, architecture and planning outfit, with offices conveniently located in his basement. He tries to go outside as often as possible, sometimes as much as once a day. www.nebulosi.com

      James Bucknam
toy district. Nov/Dec 2007. James is a Los Angeles-based writer, artist and designer. He meshes fine art with inventive approaches to materials, structural systems and architectural processes and has realized a range of project types in the United States and abroad. Bucknam is currently a senior designer at Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects and a contributing writer for Form Magazine.

      Justin Lui.
hong kong noodle shops. justin is an ex-architect, living and working in los angeles as an interactive designer. he is originally from toronto, ontario. Some of his free time is devoted to music and media projects with a group called the Defectikons . www.defectikons.com

      Jean Oei
tokyo streetscapes, may/june 2004. jean oei is fascinated by urban textures, captured gurgles, intense density and manic streetscapes. In all her spare time suspended in mid-air, she dreams of making intelligent patterns and clothing for domod. www.domod.net

      Jeremy Clouser
casitas:mx guard shacks may/june 2006. Jeremy is a photographer currently based in Mexico City where he settled after completing a MA in Photography and Urban Cultures from Goldsmiths College in London

      John Brinton Hogan
july/aug 2006. John Brinton Hogan's work investigates contemporary landscape and land use patterns in the Western U.S. He’s currently based in San Diego, CA. www.johnbrintonhogan.com

      Jorge Vera
Barcelona Wall Art sep/oct 2006. Jorge was born in Lima, Peru and Studied Art and Communications in Peru and the United States. His work has been exhibited throughout the United States and is held in multiple private collections. www.photo.net/photos/Jorge Vera

      Julia Christensen
big box retail nov/dec 2004. julia began investigating how communities are re-using the big box in january of 2004. throughout the spring and summer of 2004, she traveled the country in her car visiting the sites, she is currently working on a book about the project. www.bigboxreuse.com

      Julien Malaurent
China Walls june/july 2007. Autodidact in photography, Julien likes to wonder in huge asian cities to get instant pictures, to unveil colors, lights and shadows of our daily life environment. After 3 years full time in China, he is back in Paris, his hometown for new photography projects. Have a look at his website: www.julienmalaurent.fr

      Karl Blanchet.
the world is an airport. sep/oct 2006. Karl was born in 1969, and started his career with humanitarian NGOs and worked in Bosnia during the war, then in Rwanda, and Cambodia. Karl now lives in London and travels in various countries. Karl’s images are currently distributed by the agency Rea in France, Contrasto in Italy and Zuma in the US.

      Keith Schoenheit
air raid sirens
sep/oct 2005. Keith is a photographer living in los angeles, http://www.keithschoenheit.com/

      Kimberly Jones
entropic membranes. Nov/dec 2007. Kimberly is a recent MFA graduate from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am interested in photographing abandoned man-made locations and objects. I find myself developing a personal relationship with the objects and places I photograph and connect to them as a metaphor for the human condition and aging. Through photographing them, I want to give them a new life in their death. http://www.kimberlycjones.com/

      Kurt West.
texas bus depots, sept/oct 2003. shrinking city, jan/feb 03. kurt is a expat muncie resident now living in chicago. where he is designing for dollars. www.generalacres.com

      Kyohei Sakaguchi
0 Yen House, nov/dec 2006. Kyohei is an architect and artist based in Tokyo, Japan. His photographs and research were recently exhibited at the Vancouver Art Museum.. website

      Leo Fabrizio
swiss bunkers. july/aug 2006. Leo is a photographer based in Lausanne switzerland. The book Bunkers, was recently published of his photographs, ISBN 2-88474-008-2. www.leofabrizio.com

      Lisa Annelouise Rentz
dog gates. Nov/dec 2007. Lisa is involved with Iodine Literary Projects, the Arts Council of Beaufort County, the local school district, and Piccolo Fiction Open. Her writings & illustrations have been published in ACBC's ArtNews, Salon.com, Noshi Knitting, Skirt, and more.

      Lorena Endara
panama city, panama.nov/dec 2006. Lorena grew up in Panama City, Panama and graduated from Sarah Lawrence College. She is currently working on a long-term project documenting the commodity chain of shrimp. http://www.lorenaendara.com/

phoenix suburbanscape. june/july 2007. mannydiller was born in hawaii, but later transplanted and raised in the burgeoning sprawl of metropolitan phoenix, arizona. one picture at time, he tries to find meaning and solace within his daily commute to and from work.

      Marie-Alexandra Hertell
iceland murals. june/july 2007. Alexandra was born and is currently living in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is an avid world traveler, writer, and photographer. She recently spent three months camping in Iceland and insists it was the most transcendental experience of her life.

      Mark Cremer
airplane embarkation staircases may/june 2006. mark is a photographer/architect based in new york. he likes to
travel to far flung places, documenting and cataloging pretty much everything he finds, there and on the way there-

      Marty Summers.
european train yards
. nov/dec 2003. kentucky strip mining jan/feb 2006. Marty and his fuji camera travel the globe searching for something to shoot. He lives in Santa Monica, CA with his wife and an occasional cat.

      Matt Siber
untitled project
. may/june 2004. Matt is a chicago-based artist who works in the media of photography and digital imaging. Matt was born in chicago and holds a bachelor of arts degree in history and geography and a master’s of fine arts in photography. matt is currently on the faculty at columbia college chicago. His work can be seen at www.siberart.com

      matthew cramer
port terminals. mar/apr 2007. Matthew Cramer is an artist living and working in Pasadena, CA. His work includes painting, drawing, and photography. He also teaches Graphic Design and Technology in Los Angeles.
      Maury Gortemiller
houston storefronts. nov/dec 2005. Maury is a photographer based out of Athens, Georgia. www.maurygortemiller.com email

      Meena Kadri
coke in india. nov/dec 2006. Meena Kadri. New Zealand-born Meena won a Kentucky Fried Chicken colouring competition when she was 6 years old and has been involved in Visual Communication ever since. She is now a design educator and has taught in New Zealand, Hong Kong and more recently at the National Institute of Design in India.

      Michael Wolf.
hong kong: front door/back door. nov/dec 2005. Michael was born in Munich, Germany. He grew up in the USA and studied at UC Berkley and at the University of Essen in Germany. He has been living and working as a photographer and author in China for ten years. www.photomichaelwolf.com

      Miichael Itkoff.
gaps in the pavement. july/aug 2006. Michael Itkoff is a photographer based in New York and North Carolina. In addition he is one of the founding editors of Daylight Magazine. www.michaelitkoff.com www.daylightmagazine.org

      Morgan Hagar.
abandoned shopping carts nov/dec 2006. Morgan Hagar is a lost and wandering photojournalist with only cameras and wits to protect him from this wily planet. When not working, he lives in seclusion deep in the jungles of Los Angeles. www.MorganHagar.com

      Myles Shelly
ireland gas stations. mar/april 2007. Myles is a photographer based in Limerick Ireland.

      Patrick Ronald.
disappering tasmania
sep/oct 2005. Patrick is a photographer in australia his work seeks to explore the relationship between person, place, space and time. http://disappearingtasmania.bizhat.com/

      Pol Salceda Redondo
new perspectives jan/febc 2008. Pol Salceda Redondo was born in Terrassa, a city in the Barcelona's metropolitan area, where he is currently living. He is 24 years old and studied Documental Photography and Photojournalism at IDEP Institute in Barcelona. He is currently working on several other documental photography projects and photojournalism projects on his own, as well as different collaborations with MPN (MY ORANGE PENGUIN, www.mipinguinonaranja.com).

      Richard Mosse.
heritage wars nov/dec 2005. gaza international mar/apr 2007. Richard was born in County Kilkenny, Ireland and is now based in London. He received hs BA in English literature from King’s College and Masters degree from the London Consortium. www.richardmosse.com

      Rick Miller
mobility of home
. sept/oct 2004. shipping + waking nov/dec 2004. copenhagen shipping yards cold war:the home front , cold war: the soviet bloc.bangkok blur. Rick Miller investigates architecture at its most nomadic. Tracking the meanderings of both people and their homes has lead him across the western lands and as far afield as outer Mongolia.

      Richard & Rebecca Schramm
roadside memorials, nov/dec 2007 Richard is retired from the US Navy as a Chief on submarine duty and is now a freelance photojournalist. He graduated from George Washington University with a BS. He and his wife decided to sell or donate everything they owned and now live full time traveling America. They have decided to live a simple life and live lightly. Richard is now teaching Rebecca digital photography. http://www.rickandrebecca.blogspot.com/

      Rob Svirskas.
arizona copper mines. sept/oct 2003. highway us 60 arizona. march/april 2004. rob svirskas lives in phoenix arizona where his vocation (bioinformatics) and avocation (industrial archaeology) are not related by any stretch of the imagination. He can be contacted at robsv@yahoo.com or through his website: www.robsv.com
      Russ Mcclintock
n. american roads. march/april 2005. Russ lives and works in Miami. He is working on publishing a book documenting his 51 days and roughly 3800 mile bike trip from Seattle to NYC in 2004. www.russmcclintock.com

      Sameena Sitabkhan
. july/aug 2006. reclaimed construction. jan/feb 2007. Sameena is a designer currently based in Los Angeles. Her background in architecture and urban planning has propelled her to live in India, Thailand and Sarajevo.

      Sandro Alberti
Guadalajara. sep/oct 2006. Sandro practices architecture + design and leads urban workshops in Guadalajara, Mexico, involved in the latest re-presentation of the city on-line: the ZMG-axis

      Sandy Carson
Fiat 126 aug/sept 2007. Skatepark Graffiti. nov/dec 2007. church signs. june 2008. Scott is a Scottish born and raised photographer now living in Austin, Texas for the last 8 years, yet still retains his accent. When not perspiring from the Southern heat, he can be found traveling the world on his bike with a camera strapped to his back, obsessively documenting cultures. His photos can be seen in many exhibitions and publications including Vice, Hamburger Eyes and Juxtapoz among others. He is currently working on a book. www.sandycarson.com

      Scott Peterman.
ice fishing shacks  jan/feb 2006. Scott was born in Pennsylvania. He received his BA in Philosophy from University of New Hampshire and MFA in photography from Yale. http://www.silversteinphotography.com/

      Shinya Yamada.
cadillac chase, jan/feb 2003. originally from kyoto japan, shinya is an architect working in los angeles, ca

      Simone Lueck
cuban televisions
. jan/feb 2006. karaoke bar . mar/apl 2006. Sunbathers sep/oct 2006. Simone is a photographer living in Los Angeles. www.simonelueck.com

      Steven Smith
Suburban West. sep/oct 2006. Stevenwas born and raised in the northern mountain valleys of Utah. He studied photography and completed a BFA at Utah State University and received a MFA at the Yale School of Art. He is a recipient of a Guggenheim and Aaron Siskind Fellowships. Steven current lives in Providence Rhode Island, where is a professor in the photography department at the Rhode Island School of Design.

      Susannah Sayler and Ed Morris
Disappearing City
may/june 2006. Sayler and Morris are a photography team living in New York City. See www.canary-project.org and www.saylerphotography.com

      Takis Bibelas
greek cars sleeping, july/august 2004. ,Takis Bibelas was born born in Athens Greece where he started to explore the world of photography at an early age. After a start in photojournalism in Asia, he worked in Milan, shooting fashion stories for Italian Magazines. Takis had his first photography show in Paris in June of 2000 at the Gallery Thierry Marlat. www.takibibelas.com

      Tobias Hegele
kieswerke:gravel mines may/june 2005. Tobias was raised in Turkey, Germany and South Africa and is currently based in Munich, Germany, working for a property developer. He holds two law degrees and spends his free time following personal photography projects. His current project explores the aesthetic quality of gravel mines.

      Thomas Kalak
Bangkok Wires
. aug/sept 2007. havana old timers. june 2008. Thomas is based in Munich / Germany. After School of Graphic Design, he startetd to photograph. He works for international tour-operators and has travelled the world numerous times.
His pictures from Bangkok, www.beautifulbangkok.com, have been shown in the volume „Growing a chair“, which was awarded by the Art Directors Club. Thomas` new book about objects in Bangkok will be announced in October by the publishing company www.rupapublishing.com.

      Trevor Paglen
on the imperial production of nowhere nov/dec 2004. Trevor Paglen is an artist, writer, and experimental geographer working out of the Department of Geography at the University of California, Berkeley where he directs the Center for Experimental Geography. www.paglen.com

      Troy Paiva.
oakland station. Award winning night photographer Troy Paiva has been light-painting the abandoned American West since 1989. Look for his book “Lost America” and visit his website www.lostamerica.com

      Tülay Günes
mobile houses in context: Israeli west bank settlements
 july/august 2005. Tülay received a masters degree from ball state university in 2005.

      Valerie Sartor
yurts. jan-march 2008. Valerie has lived in north China since 2004. She is trained as a linguist and writes about north Chinese culture. Photo Credits: Valerie's students from the Inner Mongolia Agriculture University, both Mongolian and Chinese, contributed their pictures.

      Wes Janz
urban dumpsters. march/april 2005. Flint, Michigan sep/oct 2006. Wes is an architectural educator at Ball State University, uniting professional education (MArch, UW-Milwaukee, 1978; PhD, University of Michigan, 1995) with building activities alongside architects, architecture students, and the world's working and urban poor. He is currently working on a book entitled OneSmallProjectt inspired by living conditions in the working class neighborhoods of Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Colombo, Delhi, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Los Angeles, Mumbai, New Orleans, St. Petersburg, and Singapore. website

      William Howard
us-mexico border may/june 2006. william is a photographer based in los angeles and a contributor to the border film project. http://www.borderfilmproject.com his website is http://www.williamhoward.net

      Will Sanders
maids walking dogs. nov/dec 2006. Born in 1971 Will Sanders is a mainly self taught photographer with a compulsion to travel as much as possible and shoot whatever he finds interesting. website

      Jeffrey Millstein
palm springs trailers. june 2008. Jeffrey is a photographer whose work is published and exhibited internationally, including upcoming shows in 2008 at the Young Gallery in Brussels and the Urich museum of art in wichita ks.

      Maximilian Haidacher.
urban lanscapes. june 2008. Born in Bavaria, Germany.Moved to Austria to study Photography and Graphic Design at the University of Arts in Linz

      Christophe Abrassart
atlantik wall
june 2008Christophe was born in 1972, and lives iin Ghent, Belgium working as an IT-professional but most of all free-time having fun with all kind of mixed media varying from design, photography, graphic styling till straight sculpture. Photography has been taking a more prominent role since a few years with a strong prefference for functional, mostly old and sometimes even forgotten architectural structures. Pictures are regularly published on his website.

      John Sevigny.
club 45. june 2008. Photographer John Sevigny was born in Miami, Florida in 1969. Before turning his attention to documentary and fine art photography, he worked as a photojournalist and reporter for more than a decade, focusing primarily on immigration and border issues. He has veered away from journalism over the years and shown his own photographic work in group and solo exhibitions in Florida, California, New York, Colorado and Louisiana in the United States; and in Monterrey, Saltillo, and Zacatecas in Mexico. He currently lives in Monterrey where he teaches photography and English. He maintains an online journal of his activities at www.gonecity.blogspot.com