feb 27 -2004
wind driven rain
against corrugated walls
youth basketball
and free admission
at the top of the hil

diamond bar, ca
feb 22 -2004
cheese danish
and a coffee
fueled the two hour drive
toward highway 62
blowing by rain
but never loosing it

indio, ca
feb 18 -2004
crossing town
radio off
looking up
at the blank stare
of empty signs
and cold buildings

los angeles, ca
feb 15 -2004
buildings transformed
into 60 foot billboards
reflecting back advertising
to a populated center
kept bright by police helicopters
and cruising low riders

los angeles, ca
feb 10 -2004
the city never ended
looping back on itself
like a cloverleaf interchange
he tried to escape
but kept missing the turnoff
and ending up in glendale

riverside, ca
feb 09 -2004
he left the city
with a full tank of gas
and a pack of gum
he said goodbye to
the dinosaurs and
a different way of life

palm springs, ca
feb 08 -2004
hanging out the open window
she balanced her camera
in one hand and the
nail polish in the other
trying to discover her equalibrium
before losing her grip

los angeles, ca
-guest photographer: lue cia
feb 04 -2004
living on the edge of society
he watched over his land
and his scrap metal pile
guarding it against unknown forces
scheming against him
and his ideas

los angeles, ca
feb 01 -2004
swaying to the sounds
of imaginary voices
yelling out insults
for no reason
she hated LA but
she had no choice but to stay

los angeles, ca

Polar Inertia
photo log and journal

february 2004

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©polar inertia
/kane 2004


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