finding her had became an obsesssion. calculating her thoughts in his head, he had her movements down to three western states. he knew she would avoid the cold of the north and the humidity of the southest and the flakes of california and the rednecks of texas, leaving a small band of possible states. he would travel these states reading the landscape until he found the place that she would inevitably land.
sounds echoed off truck cabs all night long, distant voices shouting out pump numbers between the muzak static of top 40's hits.

her mother was always living on the periphery of society pulling her kids along for a ride along the freeway offramps of the southeastern states. stopping only for the months or weeks it took her to piss off the restaurant managers with her refusals. staying in the back of a trailer she dreamed of a house with concrete floors, a perminent spot with walls that didnt flex with the wind. it would be many years before this wish came true.


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