Cinder block building, vynyl awning swaying in the wind. A painted plywood sign reads bar. a dark interior filled with the musty air of a window air conditioner. It takes a few minutes to adjust to the light, as tin foil covers the only window, blocking the hot afternoon sun. The interior is lit by two tvs mounted in opposite corners and a few exposed linear fluorescent lamps. The bar is empty except for the bartender, one customer and a blue tick hound in the corner. bits of conversation can be heard over the headline news.

ely, nevada

Out of the desert blackness stands the bright lights, appearing even brighter amidst the backdrop of nothingness. The 76 gas and eat truck plaza. Scrolling letters written with flashing lights, buffet 5.99, diesel gasoline. The black asphalt parking lot reflects yellow halogen lamps dissolving the Milky Way from view. Trucks move like centipedes in and out of the lot, their agriculture products headed for the Midwest. The sound of refrigerator trucks and their engines kept humming, filling the air with the sound and smell of diesel fuel. There is a strange comfort here, after having experienced the stillness of the desert, after hearing nothing but the wind and high pitched echo of your nervous system. The desire to be removed from the cramp still air of the truck cab, propels you forward into the light.

austin, nevada


polar inertia 2003

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