he sat in the parking lot of the california grocery store waiting for his mexican insurance to come through. he converted his dollars to pesos, and shook the strange coins in his hand. the border was close, he could see the steel fence which divided this town like cold war berlin. the sky was a grey haze and he thumbed through a spanish english dictionary, he'd found at the gas station. he didnt speak a word of spanish, except to remember not to pronounce the j's.he couldnt wait untill those white california license plates were a distant memory.

calexico, ca

she felt comfortable on the road, driving was her passion. the longer the better. once she drove for 18 hours just to see the ocean. she threw a rock in and then she drove back.

ogden , utah

when she left him it was fall, and the new tv season was playing on motel tv's. she never watched at home, but on the road she felt drawn to the world of cable tv. popular culture was a blur in her peripheral vision, but here at the diamond queen motel she was captured by it and sat for hours watching six feet under, oz, and sportscenter. it was clear the real reason she stopped at motels was not for a shower, but for the color tv and remote control.

baker, ca


polar inertia 2003

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