it had been years since his last real job. but he found solace in handke and boll, knowing his german lit degree was worth more than the lack of job opportunities. he didnt understand business, or the draw of money, but there was comfort in the fact that state parks didnt charge rent. he was headed south to find his wife, she had left him for the ocean.

lexington, ky

he found himself drawn to the edge of town, where the suburban developments faded to desert. surrounded by a foreign inhospitable landscape and the horizontal plane he drove further into the land. feeling an unknown kinship to light of the desert he settles in an abandoned government trailer just within the bombing range. he spent the hot days sleeping and cool nights collecting shards of metal which he sold for scrap.

skull valley, utah

i put quarters into the pay phone
waking her from a deep sleep

i am making good time
i'll drive all night
we can meet for breakfast

silence fills the booth
a car door slams

where are you? she says

not that far, 300 miles
i am making good time

deisel fumes hover over the lot
a dark cloud in the crisp cool air
in a space suspended from time

its no trouble at all
i am already headed that way

jackson, wyoming


polar inertia 2003

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