he found a job with a mobile home manufacturer driving the tail car following the double wides from the factory to the dealers. His chevy cavalier had orange lights and metal bar matching the width of the wide load. .It was a few hour drive and he was kept awake by the steady crosswinds threatening to blow the trailer off the road. it was his first job in months, and was determined to keep this one, he enjoyed driving and this job didnt require that he talk to customers or answer phones, so maybe it would work out.

Gift shop t-shirts, Silver earings and turquise money clips. Special military flight zone overhead, don’t be alarmed. He sipped from a plastic cup trying to ignore the sounds of drunken rv campers.


the sky here is much bigger than the land, a blue dome surrounds you. strange linear clouds fill the sky - dissolving into trails. The sky joins the earth at the horizon where the sun slowly dies among red clouds and an orange haze. The night sky is filled with silence, nothing reflects back the headlights, a horizontal vacuum, driving towards the vanishing point.
-- ajo, arizona

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he was sitting in the library to escape the heat. his mind could no longer focus, not even on the people magazine he found on his chair. He was on the top floor of the reading room and looked out at the line of airplanes coming into the airport, wondering where they all came from, and why they would want to come here. he was determined to leave this place, but his car was impounded after they discovered his aaa card expired two years ago. atleast he's back in civilization among 7-11s, where he could get a coffee anytime he felt like it. --phoenix, az