he parked In the gravel lot across the street from the fina he walked through a dust cloud that still lingered from his wheels turning a moment earlier. he walked quickly hoping to escape the heat and the truck coming down the offramp. he hated stopping but he hadnt eaten breakfast and it was nearly noon.this was the first stop he had seen in 40 minutes and feared that it would be that long before another. the gas station and restaurant/convenient store sat low and long, surrounded by dirt and two dozen semis. the walls were cement block and aluminum framed glass tinted silver. he watched his reflection in the windows it gave him the sensation of being looking at by a man in sunglasses, not knowing where the eyes were, not knowing where to look or If you were being scrutenized. he never wore sunglasses not even in the glare of a desert Sunset. He had to see the colors as they actually were.

saltillo, texas
she wore a long dress and a bow in her hair she felt confined by the large walls and the constant smiles. at least she didn't have to go to el salvador like her sister. she hated humidity, she was born in utah and thought she would never leave. but she was feeling confined by these granite Walls, quarried by her ancestors she liked the desert and had a fiancÚ. a guilt came over her she caught her smile reflected in the temple glass doors.

salt lake city, utah


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