when she was a child she collected things, mostly useless things like marbles. but she took the collections very seriously and they grew beyond anyones imaginations, filling entire dressers with glass colored balls. nobody bothered to ask her where she had gotten them, since she had no money or source of income. when the security deparment called her mother from the piggley wiggley, she knew her collecting days were over. her mother confiscated the marbles and the plastic bags she found under the bed and dropped them in the dumpster behind circle k.

albuquerque, new mexico

driving at night. blackness fades to morning light, remembering the moment when you lost the reasoning behind your actions.

cabazon, ca

she was disturbed by his interests in the forgotten fringes of society, and in the banal of everyday. but the more she asserted her need for stability, the more irrational he became. he was only comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings and in movement, repeating his claim that truck driving was his true calling. she dismissed his moods as a chemical im-balance, and sought to overcome it through her shear willpower and determination. she took over his life, driving him to job interviews and watching what he read. but he only became more irresponsible, telling her he could no longer describe the pictures in his head. sick of living in rented houses, and listening to neighbors through thin walls she looked for the vapor trails in the sky and imagined this as her only escape.

english, in

seperated from their midwestern roots they are forced to wander without a safety net, to see things without pretext or bias. a clean slate.

baghdad, ca


polar inertia 2003

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