They flew her in to tokyo For a syncronized swimming show at the imperial hotel. she remembered her mother telling her this driving around blind turns of a country road. It was dark and every piece of metal reflected what felt like antelope eyes ready to jump In front of the truck. a year in japan two meals a day in frank wrights hotel. they flew her back to honolulu when she quit. the images came back in bright colors, but the photos were black and white and lost long ago in a fire.

the road fronted the interstate offramp. signs posted "county upkeep ends, travel at own risk". he stared at his truck reflected in the thin layer of saltponds. asphalt crumbled into gravel as the road dissolved. over the mountains chemical weapons left over from the last war are stored, waiting for the next. in the distance a siloute of a man walking along the ditch, walking east towards salt lake, no services for 40 miles.


polar inertia 2003

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