he never cared much for the fast food in a truckstop trend, wanting to sit down in a place where he could guess the origin of the waitress' subtle dialect. he preferred to drink coffee from a mug at a slow pace. he watched the tv mounted in the corners of the room, reading the cnn captions but never paying attention to the drone. he didn’t ever use the laundry, barber, shower or movie lounge but he was sure glad there was that option,
--el centro, ca.

lot lizards are calling tonight. the old rv was parked in the back of the lot, near the dumpsters. girls selling themselves out over cb radios. pulling them in off of two freeways.
--barstow, ca.


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she refused to ride in the front of the rv, preferring the re-upholstered couch facing perpendicular to the road. he found a old cassette player and rewired it into the speaker system, playing a mix tape of melba montgomery, dock boggs, and roscoe holcomb. they drove east toward tonopah, just north of the nevada test site. low flying objects flew by at high speed, disappearing into the horizon.
--rachael nevada

steak and eggs special, comes with a side of toast. stainless steel cabinet bolted shut. butter scoops in plastic cups. bread turns to toast 8 at a time. he stands behind the wall glaring through a framed opening. a short order cook hiding his past, trying to make it with the waitress from mcgill, waiting for his shift to end.