april 25-2004
wandering in circles
in an unfamilair city
looking in yellow pages
for street maps
looking for places
built up in my mind

san francisco, ca
april 20-2004
a desk next to a window
in a corporate downtown
bank building
built from credit card loans
he sat in silence
aware of his distance from others

los angeles, ca
april 15-2004
an extra hour of glare
shined down on
his cracked dashboard
burning his hands
he thought about the beach
at the other end of this asphalt

los angeles county, ca
april 12-2004
driving the caverns
of wilshire blvd
looking at the blur
of his reflection
in the facade of
larry flint enterprises

los angeles, ca
april 10-2004
left on the dry lake
not expected to care
just to observe
and be a witness
to others narcissism

trona, ca
april 06-2004
burned out houses
boarded up churches
left from the boom and bust
of the chemical plant
scrapping by on whats left

trona, ca
april 03-2004
driving up ramped floors
looking for the highest point
and a rooftop view
and a long walk down

santa monica, ca
april 01-2004
waiting for a handout
needing a good meal
perched across from zancou chicken
on sunset blvd

los angeles, ca

Polar Inertia
photo log and journal

april 2004

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©polar inertia
/kane 2004


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