may 25 -2004
following the river
paralleling the freeways
dipping underpasses
losing steam
heading toward
the long beach cranes

los angeles, ca
may 19 -2004
months fly by
in a blur of cars
losing track of your place
losing contacts
burrowing deeper
away from reality

los angeles, ca
may 11 -2004
lost minds
fighting for clarity
from thoughts that wont
go away
following the walls
utnil they end

los angeles, ca
may 09 -2004
city grids
lost below the overpass
behind cmu walls
along four freeways
losing thoughts
out the window

hwy 91, ca
may 07 -2004
he followed the powerlines
into the valley
looking for a place
or a reason to stop
to find a meal
away from the car

i-5 near fresno, ca
may 05 -2004
driving through vacation territories
past grape vines, wineries
too much sugar in the system
looking for the coast
more gas and a chance to breath

napa, ca
may 04 -2004
roof top swimming
watching the reflections
off office towers
thinking too much
about places you could be
if you had the time

los angeles, ca

Polar Inertia
photo log and journal

May 2004

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©polar inertia
/kane 2004


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