july 29 - 2004
driving again down fairfax
on a sunday morning
bright walls
blinding sun
having to be somewhere
but not wanting to go

los angeles, ca
july 25- 2004
sitting below the mass
of concrete
embedded with steel
hovering over us
holding out one more day
until the next big one

los angeles, ca
july 14 - 2004
the airport
brought out a hunger in him
for pretzels and glossy magazines
weighing the consequences
of a missed flight
or a missed meal

los angeles
july 03- 2004
he walked until his feet hurt
rode the tram until it ended
took the s-bhan further out
watching the scenery
wandering and waiting
for next kurrywurst

berlin, germany
july 02 - 2004
recorded voices
on the s-bhan
pronouncing the words
on the passing signs
riding the train
around in cirlces

berlin, germany

Polar Inertia
photo log and journal

july 2004

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©polar inertia
/kane 2004


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