april 17 - 2005
a crisp cloudless sky
greasy spoons and forks
hurry up and wait
a metaphor
for this place and time
in a rush to get nowhere

los angeles, ca,
april 14- 2005
quiet nights
a steady hum
the sound of your nervous system
and the neighbor's television
and the computer fan
and helecopters circling in the distance

los angeles, ca,
april 13- 2005
an incomprehensible city
seen from side windows
endless lines
into another world
following peripheral vision
to the other side of the freeway

los angeles, ca,
april 11- 2005
bundy avenue south
to jefferson
a great street
with no songs
written about it
someone should fix that

los angeles, ca,
april 07- 2005
driving cross town
into unfamiliar territory
brightly colored carnicerias
and supermercardo
gas gage on empty
no sense of direction

los angeles, ca.
april 04- 2005
driving the wrong way
into intermodal terminal
joining truck caravans
on one way streets
past crane operators
and confused looks

los angeles, ca.
april 03- 2005
glowing lights
replace the sun
in a complex ballet
of scheduled events
happen simultanenously
as multiple cities collide

los angeles, ca.
april 01- 2005
chasing the glowing sky
caught in the tail lights
of other's lives
the same cd
on repeat for weeks

los angeles, ca,

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