may 29 - 2005
a floating mass
under rv wheels
and a/c vents
taking it for granted
in this city built from dirt

pomona, ca
may 22 - 2005
a staggering heat
bringing on dillusions
cups of ice
poured over head
a search for a bulldozer
and a plan

salton city, ca
may 18 - 2005
looking for
a distraction
from a relentless
lack of clarity
consumed by vague

riverside, ca
may 14 - 2005
two hours by car
a breath of air
away from rote patterns
toward a visible horizon
a geological time
and date shakes

salton sea, ca
may 12 - 2005
procrastinating another day
abandoned lists
of things meant to do
driving again
the mind cleared
of good intentions

salton sea, ca
may 09 - 2005
when asked
where he was from
he would say cabazon
where he felt most at home
among the concrete dinosaurs
and outlet malls

cabazon, ca
may 08 - 2005
a concrete river
trying to relive
its c.h.i.p.s. glory
filled with foam cups
platic bags and pens
heading toward the ocean

bell gardens, ca
may 06 - 2005
a quotable quote
of things going downhill
guess its fine
but a consistency would help
lines on pavement
dont care

los angeles, ca
may 03 - 2005
knocked to its knees
by mistaken meanings
a loosening dedication
to logical thought
which even a clean car
wont fix

los angeles, ca
may 01 - 2005
finding reasons
to drive to the valley
99cent stores
and salvage yards
gravel pits and
steel shops

los angeles, ca

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