june 27- 2005
difficulty communicating
words stuck in the head
morning at an airport
first flight out
coffee and a bagel
glancing away

los angeles, ca
june 22- 2005
corrugate steel fencing
stretched for blocks
concealing another world
private collections
paranoid faces
and angry dogs

los angeles, ca
june 20- 2005
catagorized at birth
segregated by type
american motors
the fluid leaking from
engines and radiators
levitating on steel tubes

los angeles, ca
june19- 2005
found again
on san fernando road
among the steel fencing
and asphalt plants
scavenging the dumps
and pic a parts
for nothing of value

san fernando valley, ca
june13- 2005
an attraction
to the waters edge
a horizon line
back to the city
gettiing out of your mind
the races already lost

milwaukee, wi
june 09- 2005
losing the tracks
blocked off by walls
cutting across streets
independent lines
in search of a station
nowhere to be found

chicago, il
june 07- 2005
cheese curds
at a & w
somehow attractive
driving a rental
too low to the ground
a dislocated feeling

dixon, wi
june 06- 2005
swiss cows
floating on grass
curious minds
and lumbering bodies
making the milk
for tommorows cornflakes

hixton, wi

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