july 28- 2005
walking a path
past rest homes
windonws open
lit up by televisions
tuned to 80s sitcoms
awaiting fate

los angeles, ca
july 26- 2005
obvious disregards accepted
not spoken
but communicated
on a taco truck
in bell garden

bell garden, ca
july 25- 2005
a conflicting need
to linger
not enough time
what is being wasted
many years

mojave, ca
july 19- 2005
reading obscure text
from amazon boxes
needing new surroundings
to focus again
on lost threads
chased by deadlines

venice, ca
july 14- 2005
running parallel
to individual itineraries
floating like satelites
defining their own world
within the bubble
of saturated information

los angeles, ca
july 10- 2005
joanna newsom
on factory speakers
with carnerceria sounds
a horchata and chicken
from a street stand

los angeles, ca
july 9- 2005
needing feedback
before becoming opinions
living in a vacuum
of inaction

mojave, ca
july 7 - 2005
culvert landscapes
long drives
reveaiing too much
looking for ways
to move
beyond arms length

palmdale, ca
july 5 - 2005
looking through dead bugs
at a dirty reflection
driving away from the fog
towards the heat
no good reason
except to move

mojave, ca
july 3 - 2005
radio fading
in and out
a door rattles
in your head
a bright light
beauty is in the holder

bombay beach, ca

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